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Theme 2016 : It’s About Time!

Ti-i-i-ime is on our side… Or is it?  We all have 24 hours a day and yet most of us feel we never have enough.  How do we spend our time?  What are we doing with our time?

When decisions we make over time result in irreversible consequences, then time is no longer on our side.  Is it about time…

  • we find creative solutions to global issues such as climate change, poverty, race, gender and economic inequities
  • we find solutions to build stronger societies.
  • we lead for different outcomes.
  • we live our life with meaning?
  • we reclaim ownership over the health of over our mind, body and spirit?

Tick tock tick tock.

Life is short even though time is timeliness.

Seize this moment to change.

It is in this moment that your entire future gets created.

Are you living this moment with your fullest presence and awareness?

Start now… 

–Dr. Shefali

Speakers 2015

  • Melissa Emblin

    When you see someone in a wheelchair, do you see possibility or limitation? When we remove stereotypes, give people an equal opportunity, and encourage the belief in themselves, the possibilities are limitless.
    Dance has given people with special needs a voice that will forever change your way of thinking.

  • Janie Duquette

    We as women think that in order to have it all we have to be superwoman. But really, what is “all”? And what are the real powers of a Superwoman?

  • What is TEDxMontrealWomen?

    The TEDxMontrealWomen event challenges each and everyone of us, as members of society, to question and define our values and beliefs in an effort to create an awareness and understanding of why we behave as we do, what motivates our behaviors and what drives our decisions to conduct our lives as we do. With this increased consciousness, we discover that we are more empowered than we previously thought to make positive, disruptive and impactful changes in whichever spheres of influence we choose. TEDxMontrealWomen is an independently organized event and an integral part of the global TEDWomen community.

  • Marwa Azab

    Brain chemicals covertly direct female hormones, but their effects on behaviors, emotions, cognitive abilities and relationships can make us vulnerable. The more we become aware and understand these vulnerabilities, the more we can transform them to actually empower us…

  • What is TEDx?

    In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxYouth@Montreal, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxYouthMontreal event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

  • Diane Ridgway-Cross

    Women control more than $20 trillion in spending globally, and with that spending power comes the opportunity – and, in fact, the responsibility – to wield that power wisely. To proactively support only those companies that align with our values and beliefs. To spend with purpose and with passion. To shift company policies and influence entire industries to do more… and do better. Let’s talk about the “power of the purse,” conscious consumption and how women can make a difference.

  • Ghina Joujou

    What does it take to make students love math? As teachers, we focus on teaching the curriculum and often forget the human aspect. How does this shape the confidence of the students and affect their ability to achieve?

  • Lynn Rheault

    What is our life purpose? Do we all have one? How do we go about finding it?

  • Skawennati

    What can you do to bring about a brighter future? A decolonized future? How about imagining Indigenous people in spaceships? Contemporary artist, Skawennati, tells it like she sees it.

  • Busty & the Bass featuring Charlotte Day Wilson

    Busty and the Bass is an irresistible electro-funk collective that draws on the talent of nine young musicians. Sharing a passion for good times and great music, the group formed during their first week at McGill University, playing around Montreal house parties and building up to some major venues. Now,…

  • Nivatha Balendra

    Having an idea and passion is all you need to make change happen. How can we all learn to think out of the box and push our limits? What are some obstacles we need to overcome in order to narrow the gender gap in science? This is a young scientist’s take on solving water pollution.

  • Megan Ann Ward

    Megan Ann Ward is a poet based in Montreal. She won the title of 2012 Montreal Slam Champion, 2011 Victoria Slam Champion, 2010 Vic Slam Team member, competed at the 2011 Canadian Individual Slam Championships, took part in the 2011 Victoria Spoken Word Festival as well as multiple Canadian Festival…

  • Charity Bryant

    Is the practice of mindfulness just for zen masters and yoga afficionados? 35 years of scientific research proves this practice of non-judgemental present moment awareness effectively boosts not only creativity, performance and productivity, but also cultivates kindness, compassion, generosity and empathy. It is no surprise that hundreds of major corporations are offering mindfulness-based interventions to their employees.

  • Vincent W. Li

    What pragmatic actions can we all take, supported by modern scientific research, to promote individual health and prevent cancer? A growing body of evidence points to foods and lifestyle that work by a concept known as anti-angiogenesis, by which people can significantly reduce their risk of disease.

  • Jennifer Lonergan

    In the developing world, where the basics of food, education and health are at stake, the need to transform women’s role is critical. When women are economically empowered, they are able to exert a powerful influence over their own lives, their families and their communities, and effect positive social change. Making this happen starts–and ends–with daring to care.

  • Marie-Pier Perreault

    Marie-Pier Perreault is only 25 but has already 16 years of career. She officially started her career in October 2002 with the launch of her first album Parlez-moi. Throughout her career, many great artists contributed to her work such as Lynda Lemay, Sylvain Cossette and Marc Dupré. She also did the opening act…

  • Salima Visram

    Often girls in Kenya are forced into child prostitution as a way to earn income. Why is it that children, especially girls, do not make it to secondary school? What can one individual do to break this cycle? As women we find 9 reasons why we do something and 1 reason why we shouldn’t and we often let that one reason stop us.

  • Tonal Ecstasy

    Tonal Ecstasy A Cappella, affectionately nicknamed TX, is McGill University’s oldest A Cappella group. As one of the university’s finest vocal groups, they pride themselves on their versatility. This group of amazing, talented and hardworking people arrange and perform music from all different genres, ranging from jazz, hip hop, R&B,…

  • Angela Lee

    More women are starting companies than ever before, to the tune of more than 1200 companies per day. However, why are so few of these companies getting funded and how does this impact both the startup landscape and our society at large?