Tippi Thole


Tippi Thole Tiny Trash Can

Tippi Thole is an award-winning visual journalist who believes less is more—especially when it comes to trash. For the past two years, she’s been using her design, photography, writing and speaking skills to raise awareness about environmental issues and climate change. With a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in visual communication, she has a knack for sifting through dense information, finding reputable sources and explaining complex concepts in an inviting and compelling way.

A lifelong environmentalist, Tippi officially began her zero waste journey on Jan. 1, 2018, documenting her weekly trash so she could track her progress. Examining the contents of her trash can and researching alternatives, she soon became an expert on plastic, recycling and waste. It was a crash course in sustainable living! And thanks to that year-long process, her weekly trash now fills, you guessed it, a tiny trash can!

A natural problem solver, Tippi found lots of creative ways to avoid waste and shared what she learned on her Tiny Trash Can website and social media platforms. Her down-to-earth tips, nonjudgmental approach and sense of humour have won her thousands of followers around the world. Her advice has been featured by CBC, The Washington Post, Toronto Star, Today Show, Real Simple, Home in Canada magazine, MSN, Business Insider and more. She has given numerous speeches and workshops in Quebec and Ontario, sharing her passion for tiny trash and inspiring audiences to rethink their daily habits.

When she’s not talking trash, you can find Tippi helping small businesses with positively smart design as the happy owner of Bright Spot Studio.