Sara Diamond

Speaker 2017



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Sara Diamond is championing her honest story as an original independent artist. “Back To You,” Sara’s first single of 2017, is a song about enduring the “feel trip” of a fresh breakup, day after day. It’s an emotional R&B-flavored pop song that pulls listeners right into the exact moment where a relationship went wrong. She wants to bring these moments to the surface, because the truth is that heartache is never that polished.

There was a time that even music had forsaken her too. A former child singer who sold millions of records and landed endorsement deals in various pop groups, Sara quickly became uneasy with the grind and little control she had over her trajectory.

But she was always born to be a performer. Now at 22 years old, Sara Diamond steps back into the arena with original music that she’s written.

“This is about empowerment. It’s throwing caution into the wind, and making myself write again and love again,” says Sara.

Sara Diamond brims with wisdom and infectious pop instincts. Driven by a love for love, Sara Diamond is releasing songs in 2017 that explore the good and the ugly about falling for another human being.