Kimberly Sunstrum

Speaker 2017




Afro-Canadian singer-songwriter Kimberly Sunstrum’s sound is a reflection of her culturally diverse family background and musical upbringing. She grew up listening to old-time country music, South African pop hits, American folk and classic R&B. Blending powerful vocal ability, heart-felt lyricism and skillful instrumental K.sunstrumcompositions, Sunstrum’s performances are energetic and accessible while still conveying an intimate and soulful connection to the listener.

I think a common concept and theme musicians grapple with is the desire to bridge the gap between the music and its connectedness to the listener. There is a tangible moment while performing when you feel like you have successfully bridged that gap and connected to the audience. Suddenly you are able to navigate seamlessly through the music with the support of a room of receptive listeners who have transitioned from distant or even disconnected observers to the greatest support system. “