Grace Yang: Chief Space Holder



Grace believes that everyone should have the opportunity to lead as fulfilling a life as possible. She is the Chief Trouble Maker at TEDxMontrealWomen, producing, curating and encouraging speakers to step outside of their comfort zones to deliver their most compelling talk. As well, she leads a dynamic team of dedicated volunteers and attempts to foster a creative culture where everyone has the opportunity to grow and learn from each other. When she is not thinking, working or dreaming about TEDxMontrealWomen, Grace can be found on the yoga mat trying not to fall on her face doing side crow.

Previous to non-profit work, Grace worked on Bay Street as a sell-side analyst for a leading investment bank as well as a portfolio manager for a large pension fund. Grace holds a CFA, an MBA from Ivey UWesternOntario and a B.Math in Computer Science from UWaterloo, although she still can’t figure out how to save a file on her computer. She lives in Montreal and leads a crazy and wonderful life alongside her husband and two daughters, who help her out with her computer woes.